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Thank you so much for the cards and kind words and generous presents.  It’s been a pleasure to work with your talented children and I wish them all every success in the future.













T-shirts for signing on last day

The children have been invited to bring in a white t-shirt to be signed by their friends on the last day of term, Tuesday 23rd July. One of the white Rosendale P.E. t-shirts would be perfect.

If your son or daughter would like to bring in a t-shirt for signing on Tuesday, then it’s important that they come to school in their school uniform and bring the white t-shirt as an extra, as everyone needs to be in full school uniform for the Leavers Assembly in the afternoon.

Final Aladdin info

We’re really looking forward to our two evening performances of Aladdin on Thursday and Friday this week.
Please bring any extra items for your costume into school on Thursday, in a labelled plastic bag, so that they can be used for the day-time dress rehearsals on Thursday and Friday.  Remember to think about what colour socks you are wearing too!
Your black choir costume can just be worn to school in the evening on the Thursday or Friday.
Performances start at 7pm.  Children are needed in school on both nights to either perform in the choir or cast.   Children should arrive at 6.15pm so they can get organised into costumes and positions.
Ms Fee, Mr Ricketts, Mr Milne

Sports Day

We enjoyed a fabulous sports day, ending with an impromptu open air preview of Aladdin!   In an unexpected break from tradition, Mr Cranston introduced an obstacle race and tug of war, along with sack racing and other old favourites.   Special mention to the Year 6 mums for a convincing tug of war win over the dads!    


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