Maths revision booklets

The children have brought home with them today a Year 6 maths revision booklet and accompanying book of short quizzes. 

We hope the children will have a good rest at Easter and come back with lots of energy for the summer term.  But for anyone who wants to fit in a little revision ahead of SATs, this is a useful summary of the Year 6 maths curriculum, which will help to check understanding of key skills and mathematical vocabulary.

Running update

Congratulations to Josh for completing his first marathon (and Mariam has only a couple of laps of the playground to go).    We’ll also soon have our first 100 km runners – the equivalent of running to Oxford!

ANWER, Mariam 41.7 km
BARDEN, Joshua 44.6 km
BURGESS, Cameron 58.1 km
DIWAN, Orin 72.0 km
GARDNER, Arthur 50.7 km
GEACH, Esther 73.9 km
GILES, Callum 32.0 km
GRAHAM, Olive 62.6 km
GREENSLADE, Eddie 93.6 km
GRINDLE, Delphine 39.8 km
HARRIS-MARTIN, Sherae 81.3 km
IVES, Fred 73.2 km
KIRKWOOD, Finley 57.4 km
MCQUADE, Ruby 30.8 km
MENDES, Sergio 34.1 km
MENDOZA, Valarie 35.8 km
MOBEREOLA, Aiden 20.4 km
NALUBWAMA, Leah 47.6 km
O’REILLY, Maisie 31.5 km
PALMER – ALCRAFT, Lucas 6.4 km
ROWLAND, Amari 73.9 km
SNOWDON, Jonah 59.3 km
SOLIS, Jacob 66.8 km
SUAREZ, Pablo 84.1 km
WHITE, Bobby 57.8 km
Wojnarowski, Filip 28.7 km

Chinese plum blossom painting

A little belatedly, pictures of traditional Chinese art from last week, produced by blowing ink and dabbing paint.   Everyone will bring their paintings home later in the week – the pictures below are by Delphine, Cameron and Jacob. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



China’s physical geography

We continued our study of China by looking at some of its physical geography.  Perhaps your children could show you some of this on Google Earth.  We talked about:

  • The pattern of settlement, with most of China’s population living in fertile river basins in south and east
  • The two huge rivers (the Yellow River and the Yangtze) flowing across China from the mountains in the west
  • The Himalayas in the south-west, separating China from India
  • Harsh deserts and mountains in north and west 
  • The Great Wall built to  complete the natural physical barrier to the north (as extra protection against some of China’s traditional enemies)
  • The long eastern sea border